Whaly Boats

Whaly manufactures boats using rotomoulding, which means that they can produce fully Polyetheylene (PE) one-piece, double-walled craft.

New Whaly 455 Model Launched at the Dusseldorf Boat Show

All Whaly models are perfect for recreational use, but many of them are also very suitable for professional purposes.  Whether you are looking for a stable escort craft for a sailing school, a Whaly boats for rescue operations or a rugged Whaley for your boat hire business, Whaly’s well thought-out design, which emphasises strength and stability, offers many options.

  • Recreational boats
  • Tenders
  • Work Boats
  • Rescue Operations
  • Boat Hire Companies
  • Escorts Boats for Water Sports Schools
  • Angling and Sports Fishing

Of course, you want to think carefully about the purchase of your boat: which boat would suit you most? If you are looking for a boat that can stand some rough handling, why not try a Whaly? Here’s why:

  • Incredibly sturdy: the boat is moulded in one piece
  • Made completely from double walled Polyethylene
  • Stability is the boat’s main feature: safety is guaranteed
  • A sleek design combined with comfort
  • Low- maintenance (needs only soap and water or high pressure
  • cleaner)
  • Colour-fast (all boats are UV stabilised)
  • Very Spacious interiors
  • CE-certified

whaly 2020 brochure