Mercury F100 EFI


Mercury F100 EFI


Quieter Than the Competition.

The Mercury 115 FourStroke is quieter than a competitive 115hp four-stroke across the rpm band.

  • At idle, the Mercury is four decibels quieter than the competition – the competitive outboard is 25% louder.
  • At cruising speed, where normal conversations occur, the competitive outboard generates almost 15% more noise.
  • At wide-open-throttle, the Mercury is more than eight decibels quieter – the competitive outboard is 50% louder.
Testing performed by Mercury PD&E NVH staff at a Mercury Marine hemi-anechoic chamber (Sound Lab).

Powerful & Efficient

Less weight and high displacement mean Mercury’s new 75 – 115 FourStrokes generate abundant torque and immediate power. Because they don’t have to work as hard as heavier engines or those with lower displacement, these engines make boats plane faster, accelerate better and provide optimal fuel efficiency at cruising speed.

Lightweight & Fuel Efficient

Mercury’s world-renowned engineering team has packed incredible power into these lighter, compact four-cylinder single-overhead-cam engines. The 115hp weighs 20 pounds less than its closest four-stroke competitor, making it the world’s lightest low-emissions outboard in its power range.

Dry weight specification is for the lightest-version model. Comparative weights refer to base engines without oil, propeller or integral steering cylinder. Weights based on Owner’s Manual specifications.

Bigger Footprint.

The larger Command Thrust gearcase creates a bigger footprint in the water, which provides more leverage to control your boat. The larger torpedo, combined with a bigger-diameter prop, can lift a heavy boat onto plane more easily and hold it there at lower speeds without impacting top speed.


The same lifetime maintenance-free valvetrain design found in our 150 FourStroke engines makes the 75-115hp FourStroke outboards incredibly durable.

Smoother Than the Competition.

The Mercury 115 FourStroke has less vibration and rides smoother than a competitive 115hp four-stroke.

  • At forward idle, the Mercury’s vibration level at the driver’s seat is up to 50% lower than the competitive outboard.
  • On the transom, the competitive outboard puts out nearly five times more vibration than the Mercury – both at cruise and at full throttle.
Testing performed by Mercury PD&E NVH staff at a Mercury Marine test location on a 2013 Bayliner 170.
HP / kW100 / 74
Engine type8-valve single overhead cam (SOHC)Inline 4
Displacement (L)2.1
Full throttle RPM5000-6000
Air inductionPerformance-Tuned Scroll Intake Manifold
Fuel induction systemComputer Controlled Multi-Port Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Alternator amp / Watt35 amp / 441 watt with water-cooled voltage regulator
Recommended fuelUnleaded 90RON minimum
Recommended oilMercury FourStroke Oil 10W-30
Engine protection operator warning systemSmartCraft Engine Guardian
Compatible with SmartCraft digital technologyYes
StartingSmart Start Electric
ControlsMechanical throttle & shift
SteeringBig Tiller Compatible
Dual cable mechanical
Hydraulic power steering
Shaft length20″ / 508 mm
25″ / 635 mm
Gearcase ratio2.07:1
Dry weight *Lightest model available163 kg
CARB star rating3
Bore and stroke3.5 x 3.2″ / 90 x 81 mm
IgnitionSmartCraft ECM 70 Digital Inductive
Fuel systemElectronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Cooling systemWater-cooled with thermostat
Gear shiftF-N-R
Gearcase optionsStandard
Trim systemPower Tilt
Power Trim
Exhaust systemThrough prop
Shallow water trim range (degrees)20
ColorPhantom Black
Lubrication systemWet sump
Oil Capacity5.5 qts / 5.2 l
Maximum Trim Range22° (-6° to 16°)
Maximum Tilt Range70° (-6° to 64°)

Model:  F100 EFI
RPM range:  5000-6000
Type & Power:  4 cylinder inline 2064cc 100hp (73.6kw)
Weight & Dimensions:  163 kg
Starting System:   Electric Start
Transom Height:   508mm